Koloi is built to get you, friends, and family home safely.

Every mile driven with Koloi, safeguards 20 lives.

Supported by rewards from top organizations, brands and more.

Using our platform, you will be rewarded for being amongst the best of drivers.

  • Discounts on vehicle purchases
  • Discounts on insurance
  • Discounts on car rentals
  • Discounts on vehicle repairs
“I believe people who do right by others on the road deserve praise, and that is what we will give them. They must know they are special amongst us”. - Kojo Asiamah, CEO & Founder

We believe that people are good, and that we all want to drive responsibly. Koloi gives us all a chance to show it.

  • Realtime analysis of behavioral driving
  • Community oriented participation
  • Meaningful rewards
“The professionalism and the dedication he has showed us and our fleet committee was outstanding, and the tools he has created will help any fleet company in saving costs and will also assist in other cases in cutting the middleman (which is in- surance)." - Sibongile Wayi, Fleet Manager

"We are on a mission to halve the frequency of road accidents in our lifetime, and yes we can, we have to”.

Kojo Asiamah
CEO & Founder

Koloi Card

Can you really trust a person until you know the facts? How safe will you and your loved ones be?

Well now, with Koloi's NFC driver cards, knowing this is one tap away.

Designed for everyone including:

- E-hailing Drivers
- Chauffeur Drivers
- Bus Drivers
- Taxicab Drivers
- Truck Drivers
- Valet Parking Drivers
- Driving Instructors