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The number we are on a mission to reduce accidents.

Our Story

38 000 people lose their lives every year in the USA as a result of avoidable accidents. Sadly, the statistics are even worse around the world and the top 20 high risk countries with deaths caused by road accidents are ALL African! In total, 51 500 000 people are affected globally every year.

We can do something about this, we have the moral obligation to. Thankfully, we have tools and services to achieve a significant reduction in road accidents while seeing a significant increase in positive behavioural driving.

From the founder of one of the best mobility startups in Africa, a finalist at the Future of Mobility Series in Dubai Expo 2020, DX Digital Africa. Koloi comes with mobility experience - DentX, a service which delivered affordable vehicle repair prices and customer experience and MotoX, a product which delivered affordable vehicle telematics and management for fleet companies.

Founded origins
While solving for drunk driving in Cape Town
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Get To Know The Team

Kojo Asiamah

Ceo & founder
(EXCO member)

Rob Napoli

STrategic growth and Advisor (EXCO member)

Joseph Assi

Business & Product development

Goran Maslic

Senior frontend engineer

Aleks Maslic

Senior Frontend Engineer

Siva Kumar

Senior backend engineer

Huy Nguyễn

MObile ENgineer

Ignacio Galiana

Business & Product development

Nick Lavin

Business & Product development

Dara Wang

Business & Product development

Will Karaikov

Business & Product development

Koloi Card

Can you really trust a person until you know the facts? How safe will you and your loved ones be?

Well now, with Koloi's NFC driver cards, knowing this is one tap away.

Designed for everyone including:

- E-hailing Drivers
- Chauffeur Drivers
- Bus Drivers
- Taxicab Drivers
- Truck Drivers
- Valet Parking Drivers
- Driving Instructors