How it works?

We focus on you, not what you drive. Helping you grow into the best driver possible in your lifetime.

Koloi tracks, scores and rewards your driving profile to mitigate risk, lower costs, and save your life, along with others, with confidence.

Community Centered

Pools of drivers competing for shares of a grand prize.

Providing peace of mind and unique cost-saving rewards to drive positive, responsible, and genuine care for all road participants.

Learn & Improve

Educational material to refresh driving knowledge gaps.

Turning dormant/old/passive drivers into active drivers, fresh with new and current road rules.


Digital and dynamic driver licence for safety authentication.

Ensuring long-term safe driving and behaviour retention with unique opportunities accessible only by good driving.

Peace of Mind

For parents and guardians needing to monitor teens and college students behind the wheel.

Fostering safer drivers at a fraction of the potential maintenance costs.

Tailored Risk Cover

Specialised insurance discounts and driver profile underwriting. Koloi unlocks alternative risk models based on driving behavior, mileage, location, and other risk markers.


Points accrued unlocks perks and rewards designed according to what matters most to users and their specific profile.

Reaching millions of drivers to offer personalized products and services as rewards for their driving behavior.

"We are on a mission to halve the frequency of road accidents in our lifetime, and yes we can, we have to”.

Kojo Asiamah
CEO & Founder

Koloi Card

Can you really trust a person until you know the facts? How safe will you and your loved ones be?

Well now, with Koloi's NFC driver cards, knowing this is one tap away.

Designed for everyone including:

- E-hailing Drivers
- Chauffeur Drivers
- Bus Drivers
- Taxicab Drivers
- Truck Drivers
- Valet Parking Drivers
- Driving Instructors