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"We are on a mission to halve the frequency of road accidents in our lifetime, and yes we can, we have to”.

Kojo Asiamah
CEO & Founder
Question 1

How many people are affected by bad drivers every year?

51 500 000

Question 2

How does the rewards programme work?

Boring business deals aside. Based on your Koloi aggregated scores, you can redeem discounts, vouchers and coupons for a variety of things.

Question 3

Is Koloi the best choice to track my child's driving?

We value privacy and as such even our engineers don't have access to specific customer information, just the driving profile belonging to "a" person. Furthermore, Koloi Academy is a feature of our platform that offers people an improvement plan to get better. Your children will driver safer than they do today.

Question 4

How does the Free plan work?

You get access to your aggregated score and knowledge materials. No hidden fees.

Question 5

How does the Business Koloi plan work?

We track your drivers and their driving profiles ONLY when they drive your authorised vehicles and send your fleet manager aggregated reporting to ensure compliance.